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London Calling

London Calling

The Los Angeles fashion scene has been a personal project of mine for awhile now. Whilst the rest of the world thinks we’re all flip-flop-footed, Ed-Hardy-wearing fashion nobodies, those who care – those who spend time in the right crowds – know that there is a fashion scene here that is alive and well and creating some of the most innovative fashion this side of London.

The biggest problem with fashion in Los Angeles is that no one sees it. At any given fashion week, aside from the handful of passionate fashion bloggers in attendance, there are maybe seven important people in the room. So young designers are pouring their hearts and souls into new collections, season after season, in the hopes that one of these seven people will take a shining to their work and feature it. And that’s if those seven show up.

Of course there are lots of important journalists, buyers and celebrities residing in Los Angeles that could step up and support Los Angeles fashion. But given its reputation and its duct-tape and fluorescent-light aesthetic, it’s not exactly a desirable trip. Plus the complete lack of organization and multiple producers turn Los Angeles Fashion Week into Los Angeles Fashion Month – and when that comes on the tail end of already a month of shows worldwide, who has the energy?

So what’s the plan Los Angeles?

The fact is, nothing is going to change until the attitude changes, and that’s a project and a half – a project that I have poised myself to take on.

Last year, immediately after yet another uneventful fashion week (where, by my calculations, designers spent collectively over $20,000 to show at just one of the productions to those seven important people)  I sat down in sheer frustration and came out energized and with a plan: The Los Angeles Fashion Council. A collective effort to re-energize the fashion community in Los Angeles and create something long term and special.

With no effort being made by the fashion industry to even glance in our direction (with the exception of red carpet – which rarely, if ever, represents Los Angeles designers) it’s time to move Los Angeles into their gaze, by literally putting our designers under their noses.

This begins with our first project ‘London Calling’ wherein we are sending five talented fashion designers and a handful of accessory designers to London for a three-day showroom event at The Truman Brewery in Shoreditch this February.

Designers joining us are, Curly V, Bryan Hearns, Alana Hale, and the winners of our London Calling Facebook Contest, Victor Wilde of Bohemian Society and Jen Awad. In addition, we’ll be joined by accessory designers, Bijou Van Ness, Sires Crown Eyewear and Kittinhawk.

So let’s change the face of the Los Angeles Fashion scene together, one step at a time. Because who needs the city that never sleeps when you have the city of dreams?

To get more information, RSVP for our London show or learn how you can help Los Angeles Fashion, please contact:

Kelsi Smith
Director and Founder
Los Angeles Fashion Council