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Los Angeles Collections Fall/ Winter 2014 Showroom Preview

Los Angeles Collections Fall/ Winter 2014 Showroom Preview

This year we opened our showroom to multiple Los Angeles Fashion Council members to show off their Fall/ Winter 2014 collections.  We housed lines from Linden, Bri Seeley, Colton Dane, stella proseyn, Rose la Grua-That’s Totally Fine, Together, and Bellen Brand to handbag designer, Mofé and fine-jewelry designer, Kristen Dorsey. All of these designers are based out of LA and had one-of-a-kind pieces to show. 

What really made all the collections standout was the fact the each designer brought something different to the table and really showed the vast talent Los Angeles has to offer.  Colton Dane used luxurious fabrics, from around the world while Linden used recycled salmon skin leather for her eco-friendly leggings. Together showed for their first time, using digitally printed photos they took themselves printed onto polyester made from recycled water bottles. Even jewelry designer Kristen Dorsey got into interesting textiles by using stingray skin in some of her amazing, handcrafted pieces.

Afterwards we threw a cocktail party in the showroom. We invited guests to sip cocktails while mingling around the clothing to get an up close and personal look. The turnout was great as well! We had people from Apparel News, LA Times and many different bloggers stop by to check it out.

10014661_807691495925228_420657398_nAbove: That’s Totally Fine by Rose la 

1959489_807691502591894_1973961698_nAbove: stella proseyn

1978825_807691419258569_1918354840_nAbove: Mofé and Bellen Brand

1959876_807691602591884_1453926865_nAbove: Bri Seeley

1527047_807691642591880_977641936_nAbove: Linden

1001549_807691455925232_1511327661_nAbove: Together

1925352_807691705925207_327777086_nAbove: Colton Dane

1899901_807691422591902_1136310022_nAbove: Kristen Dorsey