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Los Angeles Collections Fall/ Winter 2014

Los Angeles Collections Fall/ Winter 2014

In addition to our cocktail party we also threw a luncheon on the beautiful roof of our showroom located in Downtown Los Angeles for a few special guests. Minus a few sunburned faces (and a skirt tan I may have for the rest of the summer) everything else went wonderfully.  In attendance were 25 of our closest press friends from WWD, WGSN, L.A. Times to a few fabulous Los Angeles bloggers. The food, which was one of my favorite things about the event, was catered by Jason Qua and was served family style on a gorgeous vintage inspired table setting spread from The Vintage Table Co. To top off the rustic table feel we used personalized mason jars that were filled with watermelon gin, vodka and strawberry lemonade, or just lemonade for those who weren’t into a boozy lunch.  The scenery enhanced the vintage, relaxed feeling of the event because the roof is filled with rustic furniture and beautiful succulents. It was the first time I could say I actually felt at ease during a fashion event.


As for the collection, each designer really brought something new to the table and the Downtown LA rooftop really showcased each look fabulously.

IMG_7741 copy-X3Everything about stella proseyn by Debbie Talanian’s line is amazing. All the fabrics are super soft, but yet elegant and chic which makes all of her pieces perfect to wear literally anywhere.  

IMG_7595 copy-X3 Bellen Brand is the perfect mix of sporty and chic. Their high-slit dresses (which was one of my favorites) stands out from your normal maxi. Also, must we mention that our girl Iggy Azalea can be seen sporting this brand quite frequently.

IMG_7609 copy-X3 This was Colton Dane’s second collection ever (!!!), but we were blown away by the skill and elegance in all of his pieces. We were so in love his sweaters and coats it had us wishing that it wasn’t in 80s that day so we could wear everything.

IMG_7768 copy-X3 Another standout was our winner of last year’s open runway, Rose la Grua. Her collection is called That’s Totally Fine and is filled with major attitude and spunk. Plus, all of her pieces were interchangeable and had amazing silhouettes I have never seen before. She’s definitely one to watch out for!

IMG_7682 copy-X3 Katharine Kidd’s collection was beyond dreamy with feminine silhouettes and amazing printed fabrics. She’s a staple of LA fashion with many of her clothes being seen on various celebrities from Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima to Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michele.

IMG_7801 copy-X3We also saw a lot of talent from newcomer Together showing their first collection ever! Together is made up of partners Benedict and Lily. Benedict takes all the photos, which are digitally printed onto polyester made from recycled bottles and then Lily designs the collection.

IMG_7930 copy-X3Bri Seeley’s collection was meant to be photographed on our rooftop. All of her designs were super feminine with a hint of functionality due to the hidden pockets in her pieces. Plus, all the sheer fabrics looked beautiful with the sunlight shinning through them.

IMG_7623 copy-X3Linden is another designer whose fabrics are amazingly lightweight and comfortable.  All of her pieces are practical and great for layering. One of our favorite things about this collection is that she used salmon leather for her leggings that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

IMG_7838 copy-X3Kristen Dorsey’s jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Each piece is handmade with a lot of time, effort, and care. She also used stingray skin in some of her pieces to give texture to her jewelry. It all gives off a major warrior princess vibe, which we love!

IMG_8041 copy-LLastly, we showed Mofé, which stands for modern feminism. All of her bags are beautifully constructed and perfect for every occasion. It was great that this setting allowed us to show people like Kristen Dorsey and Mofé so we could really showcase the talents of everyone.

Altogether, the day went really well.  Minus the fact that we forgot to serve the Bo Nuage deserts, everyone left full of delicious food and with a ton of great photographs and press!