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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the newest space on the web. The Los Angeles Fashion Council Blog. Up until now this space has been reserved purely for our own news, but we figured that was kind of selfish.

With a team like ours, between our Advisory Board, our designers, our marriage with L.A blogger community, Two Point Oh! LA, and our soon to be launched Digital Ambassador Panel, we have a bevy of talent, home town heroes if you will, all willing to share their love of Los Angeles.

From their favourite watering holes, to the best vintage store in town – our mission is simple. Spread the word on Los Angeles, and give you an insight into what makes this town (or series of small towns) so very special. Of course, we haven’t forgotten our main mission, and we’ll also be letting you in on Council activities and sharing snippets of the lives and collections of our very talented designers.

So, welcome to our blog, and welcome to Los Angeles.

Kelsi Smith: Director: Los Angeles Fashion Council.